Two leaks in ARB.

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May 21, 2003
So I'm tearing into this thing and get the ARB pump working again and hear a very slow leak in the main reservoir. Looks like a coulpe of spots along the highlighted section in the pic below. The back locked fine, but when I locked the front, BIG LEAK. The picture below should show the problem with the front was cut almost the whole way through. So two questions:

1. Is there a way to repair the tans with some sort of rebuild kit? Some sort of new seal?

2. I figured that the front line would have some sort of locking washer and I could just choke it up and fix the line. Not the case. Is there a way to adjust the line length, or in my case, fix my broken line?


These leaky pumps generally dirt, etc., being forced past the seal, which just needs to be cleaned in most cases.

1) Generally, you throw that pump away, and get a better / quality unit. :D Disassembly the air solenoids, manifold, etc. from the air pump. Remove the air resevior canister - twists off - don't damage the O-ring seal. Clean up the canister, O-ring, mounting / mating surfaces. Add a very light grease film to the O-ring, and reassembly.

2) Remove the blue line from the ARB fitting - push the orange ring against the metal portion of the fitting, and pull out the blue line. Replace the blue line to your required length, insert into the fitting, slightly pulling back to check seal, and you are done.

ARB sells a coupling which allows for trail repairs / connecting blue air lines - in line.

Joe :beer:
If one was to "throw away" that ARB, what would one replace it with? There better units out there?
For 40's you should go York. Endless air and you can fill tires without burning out the compressor, dying in the meantime, or putting a large load on your electrical.
There are also lots of other on board electrical compressors that are much better than the ARB. Google., Its also possible to run ARB's with CO2.

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