Two frequent posts: Rhino Liners and Thermal Barriers

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Jan 16, 2007
Mansfield, TX, USA
I have seen several posts about people rhino lining the underside of their tubs (which look very nice BTW). I have also seen several people talk about how hot the floorboards get on thier 40s, particularly the transmission tunnels.

I am one of those guys who has rhino lined the bottom of the tub during the course of my long term frame-off.

Here is my question: Has anybody gone and rhino-lined their tub, and subsequently had problems with the liner on the underside of the tub melting, getting gooey, burning off, etc?

I am starting to fear that my exhaust routing is too close to the underside of the tub. and will encounter the aforementioned problems. Oh, and I should mention I have a V-8 conversion with routing inside the rails.

Pics of similiarly equipped rigs showing no issues would help alot.

Thanks for the link. I did find that same link, which is in part why I am posting here. Surely somebody has routed their exhaust in a similiar fashion (see attached image). If so, have you had any problems with your rhino lining? If not, just real world comments would help. I have no way of knowing what the ambient temperature is 2 inches away from my exhaust at a particular position along the exhaust system...that is unless I break out my thermodynamics book and start making assuptions. Combustion usually happens at about 1600 degrees F, right?

I would rather just query the collective jedi knowledge of owners here and find out if anybody has had issues with their rhino liner melting.

How about I make it a poll? Had problems with your rhino liner getting hot as a result of exhaust, tranmission, or engine heat?
Just wrap it with heat tape if your worried cause youve already sprayed the liner.Only looks like you,ll have to do about 2 or three feet infront of the cross member .Done it lots , works great.
I am leaning towards a heat wrap in that area. Thanks for the advice.

Yes, from what I understand. But I already have Rhino Liner on the underside. So what I am looking for is somebody out there that has rhino-lined the underside of their tub to chime in and let me know if they have had any problems, specifically with heat as a result of exhaust, engine bay, transmission tunnel getting warm, etc.

Based on the temperature rating in the above link, any associated problems would most likely be as a result of exhaust, as I would hope nobody's engine bay or area surrounding the transmission is running with an ambient temp of 190 or above.

Anybody with some pics of melted rhino liners on the underside?


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