Two bolts to remove rear rotor

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Jan 5, 2006
Atlanta, Ga
Starting my rear axle job today and when I went to remove both rear rotors, I removed the calipers and then the rotors on both sides slid right off. I got kinda worried because both the fsm and the faq writeups mention two bolts to remove the rear rotor. Am I missing something or is something just flat missing here?
Got any photos?
I seem to remember the rotor coming off once the caliper and torque plate were clear. Are you sure they weren't the two bolts mentioned?
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might just be the two pins on the caliper in the diagram above I guess. I was probably just reading the writeup incorrectly
ok I'm dumb. The two bolts the fsm refers to are service bolts that are threaded in from the outside to separate the rotor from the hub.
You can screw two bolts into the threaded holes on the rotor if necessary, to push the rotor away from the hub (ie, if corroded). - dubyehnel beat me to it!

The other thing that sometimes prevents the rear rotors from coming off are the emergency brake shoes. When you put the rotors back on, you should adjust the emergency brake via the little cogged wheel at 6 o'clock, to where the rotor just barely slides back on.

I know the above info is pretty vague, but the details can be found in other threads if needed.
Those bolt threads in the rotor are for 'jacking bolts'. They are to assist us in rusty climates(or with broken e-brake parts)with separating the hub and rotor.

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