Two AM radios, is Corolla radio worth the effort ?

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Apr 9, 2006
Matane, Québec.
Hi there,
i will be posting those puppies for sale pretty soon, but i'm trying to figure out if the flat face plate one is 40 series worthy.
It fits perfect but the mounting holes on the face plate are useless for a 40. The face plate has a For corolla installation sticker on it but it sure would make a pretty radio with a decent face plate on it. I think its pretty clear its a Corolla radio ;)
The part number i can read in the back goes nowhere, does any one know if its of interest ?

If its worthless, i might strip it, print a faceplate and add a Rasberry pie in it or else / make myself a cool custom radio.

The original on is out of a 77, works great, the light is pretty dim and it has the speaker and bracket.




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Do they both work fine? What raspberry Pi functionality would you use in it if you went that route? They are pretty close to my '82 factory AM radio, the main difference being that mine is X100khz.
Yes the nice one (out of the 77) works fine, the "Corolla" one, i have to investigate because i get it to light up but i dont get any sound out right now.
The raspberry route, i havent planned much yet but, depending on the utilities i will think of it gives me lots of possibilities, Radio tuner, Usb ports, mp3 player, clock, ... the rasp might be a bit an overkill.. OR i can just get a FM tuner, aux plug and a small amplifier to it in there and reroute the buttons and knobs.. really i dont know yet.. it could be a cool winter project ;)
I've thought about it too, mostly about displaying sensor metrics like O2 readings and be able to toggle between them, but that all is out of my skill set right now. I haven't done any data capture with it yet.
Sounds good, it wouldn't be too usefull on my BJ42 ;) but i see the use on more recent motor.
My 3b screams for a turbo.. maybe then.

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