Two 40th Anniversary Editions & a Collector's Edition

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I like the first one best . Lowest mileage .. lockers and the two-tone leather . The others have much higher mileage . The second does not have lockers and I'm not sure the third does either ...
For that money buy Christo's demo rig :cheers:
1st one, nice, I can see why its going as high as it is. lockers
2nd OK, no lockers, looks like Junk put his 80 back to stock and is trying to pedal on Ebay :flipoff2:
3nd, don't think lockers, looks like something else installed in the spot. What I really hate is seeing chit like this..

is that OEM blue masking tape holding some booty fab wiring? ::)
how is it a 97 with 68,000 is worth $20,000 plus while a 93 with 88,000 is at $11,000 also on eBay? Both have lockers. No way the differences are worth that spread.
>> No way the differences are worth that spread. <<


Actually, there was a 97 white stock one for sale on Oahu in August for $27,000. Personally I thought it was a rip off and tried to talk the guy down at the dealership. No luck, so I passed it on.....
If you check the bids on the first one there seems to be a number of zero history bidders that are recently registered. Seems more like someone is boosting the bids with a phantom bidder. Seems to me about $4000 over market at this point. I would never buy a vehicle via Ebay because there is too much fraud. Good place to find them, just negotiate the deal privately where you as the buyer have some leverage.
Precisely how I obtained my '97 . :D

Smoooooth as glass .... yeah , my ass :flipoff2:

I'd do it again , but add 2 things . Have a contact inspect it for me ... involve escrow ...

Tyler ... the best made plans ... :slap:

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