Twin Transfer Sticks for 70 Series

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Nov 14, 2008
Canberra, Australia
I had previously seen hilux twin transfer sticks, and after working out they were not going to fit my R151F and whatever the transfer case is in my HZJ78 (anyone know?), I had a look at my transfer shifting mechanism and figured it would be possible to fab up a twin stick shifter for it.

I don't have the skills to make it myself, so nothing came of it, but seeing this twin stick shifter made by Georg from Valley Hybrids (orangeFJ45) for the H55F and split case transfer in a 60 series, it looks very similar to my transfer shifter mechanism...

H55F + split transfer before Valley Hybrids twin stick shifter kit is installed...

H55F + split transfer after Valley Hybrids twin stick shifter kit is installed...

I asked Georg from Valley Hybrids about making one for my HZJ78, and he said he might be able to help, if it is similar, so here are some photos of my R151F and transfer case shifter for Georg to look at and hopefully comment on whether it can be done with his kit (taken from under the car, with limited access to the parts, so not very good photos)...




...and here is the exploded parts diagram for the transfer lever and rod (mechanical) in my HZJ78 with R151F...


Having twin transfer shifter sticks is probably not much use for most people, I am mainly interested for the more positive transfer shift engagement.
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Twin sticks are merely bling. Remove the shift gate and one shifter can do the job of two....

I do, however, like Georg's set up. It is very clean.

john's correct, for stock setups the twin-sticks are not essential, they're merely bling but do offer more percise shifting. you can modify the oem linkage to get 2wd low.
for conversions, i thin kthe twins are thge only way to go.

looking at the pics you posted, the linkages for the split case and your case are very similar. the shifter itself is slightly different but the rest appears extremely similar. i bet my twin-stick kit would work.

simon, if you want, i'll send a kit to you so you can try it. if it works and you like it, then keep it and pay for it. if not, then send it back at no cost to you.


georg @ valley hybrids
It looks like the case is just a split case on a different trans.

The one real advantage that I can see with a RHD truck is that the shifter won't move over to the right and potentially hit your leg while you're off-road. It could also be angled a little to the left so that it's even farther away from the driver's leg.

The shifting with the single lever, once things start to wear out, can be a little less than precise. Bushing replacement would probably fix that, but Georg's twin stick will come with a tighter mechanism and have very little slop and a much more precise shift.

Hey Georg,

No updates, unfortunately.

Had a new clutch installed recently, the mechanic was supposed to fit the twin sticks for me, but ended up stuffing me around for ages, and then didn't have time to install them by the time I needed the truck back.

So still sitting there, waiting to be installed.

Might have to buy an oxy, so I can bend the shafts, and give it a go myself.

Have you had a chance to write up some installation instructions?

That's a bummer!

Would have been a lot easier to pre-fit everything with the trans and t-case combo out of the rig. But judging from the pics you have really good access so it shouldn't be a tough job.

No "instructions" yet. But they're in the works along with a bunch if other stuff. Sorry, too many irons in the fire and just not enough hours in the day.

Is there anything specific you're not sure of? I sent you a very detailed pm on how to install them. Between the pm and the thread you posted a link to there really isn't much "left to interpretation".


Georg @ valley hybrids
Yes, total bummer, the whole episode with that mechanic was, now looking to take it to a different mechanic from now on.

It was the perfect time to install them, and he has the gear and skills to do it, just not the time to get to the jobs that I need done, such a PITA!

No problem with the instructions, I know what having too many irons/not enough time is like.

Nothing in particular I needed to know, just wondering if there was an offical set of instructions as yet, but as you say, most of what I need to know is in the PMs you have sent previously.

ok I am not the only person wondering what the heck twin sticks do.
Please explain. I am new...
ForealBoreal said:
ok I am not the only person wondering what the heck twin sticks do.
Please explain. I am new...

Two camshafts ;)
....but do offer more percise shifting. you can modify the oem linkage to get 2wd low.
for conversions, i thin kthe twins are thge only way to go.

AFAIK that was answered :)

my linkage was modified...i can go 4hi & 4lo as well as 2hi & 2lo

the 2lo helps when traveling on somebodys grass so as to not trear it up :) (I used to do alot of landscaping) so far thats the only use i've found LOL

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