Twin to round headlight conversion wiring

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Oct 16, 2014
Hello guys,

I am going to be converting my twin headlight HJ61 to round headlight in the near future.

I have headlights, radiator support, grille , skirt and light surround.

I have read a few threads on here about the swap but am wanting to know what sort of wiring mods I will need done when swapping from the twins to single headlights. I am absolutely novice with electrics so any sort of details or walkthrough would be a great help,

Technically, no modification is needed.

You need 24V seal beam or 24V H4 bulb and semi-seal beam.

For each side, you have 2 set of wiring harness. One for low AND high beam and another for the high beam only. So this last one will be useless since you have to use the low AND high wiring harness to your new round light.

The high and low wiring harness have a 3 holes/wires socket and the high wiring harness have a 2 holes/wires socket.

You can condemn the «high» beam wiring harness or use it for fog that will work when you actuate the high beam
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Ahhhh I see. In Australia our models are 12V will it be the same procedure?

Not sure what lights are in it now but I will probably be getting new semi sealed h4 units, if I rig the high and low harness it will work for high and low with the h4?

And the high harness can be made redundant or you are saying I could hook it to some spot lights or fog lights?

Sounds alot easier than I thought!

One last question,

Is the current high/low harness going to be plug and play to the round headlights or will some mods be required?

Plug and play mate, like David said keep the 2 pin inner lights as spare for spot lights.
Just be aware that if you choose to use that wiring to the spot lights you will need to add a switch/relay to it to comply with regulations...either that or don't use your spotties in built up urban areas.
Lol each to their own haha, I prefer the older style, just suits the truck more in my eyes!
I miss my HJ61, that being said the headlights never performed well. Looked cool but had a hard time finding decent 24v stuff here in the states. The huge LED Lights I put on helped!
2014-03-21 09.45.24.jpg
I don't hate the twin headlights its just they are too similar to 80 series for me, and I prefer the rounder headlights on our older trucks. To me they come across as more... agricultural / overlandish. To me anyway lol

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