Turns out I jumped the gun on the HG ... Happily

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Jan 31, 2010
Well got the truck back from my shop after a quick diagnosis.
Thought I had a external HG leak and had a code I couldn't read for some reason with the paper clip.

The code was 71 EGR... Turns out while messing with the firewall heater hoses in bypassing the rear heater I loosened the one vacuum line on the EGR where through vibration it fell off. Hose reconnected, code cleared success.

My external HG leak happened to be the PHH loosening on the block clamp and under pressure it would spitz out onto the block right between the head and the block making it look like a external HG leak... Guess ill have to check the clamps every year or just bypass with a single hose instead. It didn't leak for 1.5 years .. O well

So yea I could have figured this out myself but it was 30$ well spent I guess.

Time for vacation in 2.5 weeks :) :cheers:
Now thats what I like to hear! Enjoy vacation!
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Glad to hear it turned out well.
Time for a :beer:...or :beer::beer:
It's amazing the mess a little pisser can make. Glad you found it before spending big bucks.:cheers::beer:

I tried to read the code jumping the terminals with a paper clip and no matter what I did I could not get the light to blink the code... I've done it once before and didn't have a problem so that's why I said screw it and had someone else figure it out for $30 which included pressure testing the cooling system to find the phh leak too.

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