turning over engine by hand

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Apr 16, 2003
Washington DC
I have searched quite a bit for how to do this but come across a lot of postings about TDC. I think I throughly understand how to find TDC, but I was just curious how to turn the engine over by hand. that was the part I didn't get. I am starting up my fj after a couple of months and want to make sure nothing is sticking.

Where do I turn?

many thanks
Should be a bolt head on the end of the crank pulley. Find the right socket and breaker bar.
put in high gear and on level ground and rock it back OR forth, really works well (if its not an auto)

if adjusting the valves
read this

I'll add to make sure it's on the 1st half of valves, take the cap off the dizzy and the rotor will be pointing at #1 wire on cap, when you do the other half it's on #6.

the is the best way, I did 2 valve adjustments last night this way.

Maybe this is wrong, but I always slap a box end wrench on the alternator pulley nut a crank the motor in nuetral.. works for me every time.

i'll stick with 3-puppies. there should be a very big bolt at the center of the crankshaft pulley. get a big socket and a breaker bar and turn that crankshaft by hand. you might want to prime the engine before starting. to prime ur engine, you want to disable the ignition and crank for about 10 second. do this a couple of time. to disable ur ignition, you want to unplug ur ignition coil wire at distributor cap and gound it somewhere on ur engine block.
The nut idea works great if you cna get to it. The fan shroud can get in the way. It may be easier to turn it over then use a prybar in the "ears" of the crank nut to turn it. The alt method will also work but you need to apply pressure to the alt belt to keep it from slipping. Best way is to use a remote starter to get it close to TDC then rock it as John said.
Any of the above works a lot easier if you pull the sparky plugs out first. After you've satisfied yourself that nothing is sticking, crank it over with the starter motor and see if the oil pressure builds up. If so, pop the plugs back in and let it rip.

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