Turning chrome wheels into black wheels

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Dec 5, 2002
Anybody got advice on turning my chrome/steel wheels on the FJ60 into black wheels? I've thought about one of those rubberized coatings over the chrome, trying to remove the chrome somehow and painting them, and just selling them (they're still in pretty good shape) and buying black rims.

What say ye?
If you sand blast the heck out of 'em the paint will stick pretty good but not as good as powder coating. See if someone does that in your area.
rattle can has worked good for me

aren't those black spoked wheels pretty cheap if not i know that the white ones are a dime a dozen if you just look hard enough and those are very simple to paint black with a piece of scotchbright and spray paint, i dont think that chrome was meant to be painted ??? good luck
if your planning on sellling them, I doubt youll be any further ahead by the time you paint them. If you like the way they look and want to keep them thats a different story. I bought some american racing black steel wheels for $28 a piece.
If you're set on keeping them, powdercoating would be the way to go for a durable lasting finish.

If you are looking to put on a wider tire, 10.5 or wider, you should consider going to a wider rim (if you plan on airing down your tires, you'll want a wider rim for sure).

You can find black spoke 'rockcrawlers' in 15x8 with 3.5 backspacing for $30-$50 a piece.
Have had good experience sandblasting chrome wheels and then priming with etch type auto primer. Over that I painted with acrylic enamel but any auto paint would work. Good luck. ;)

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