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Jul 19, 2019
Portland, OR
Hey all,

I finally got around to replacing my turn signal/corner light assemblies on my 60. They seem to work, but I noticed that now my turn signals are always on. Everything works: headlights, high beams, corner lights, even the turn signals (they work fine when the headlights are off, and when the headlights are on, they just blink a bit brighter).

Is this normal behavior though? Are the turn signals supposed to always be on with the headlights?


Jun 30, 2017
The side marker lights and running tail lights and front parking lights are supposed to be on when headlights are turned on - but not the flashing turn signals. Those function independent of the headlights.


Sep 5, 2006
Charlottesville VA
Take the turn signal lens off and verify that the actual turn signal bulbs are in fact coming on when you turn the headlights on. If this is the case you may have some current bleeding thru at the headlight/turn signal switch at the steering column. You may be able to probe (with a multi meter or 12 volt test light) the wires at the base of the steering column where the switch wires plug into the vehicle harness and verify here if the wires are becoming charged when the headlight switch is on. Just pull the plug far enough apart to get a probe in there but still keeping contact with the pins/receivers in the plug. You may be able to find a fault inside the headlight/turn signal switch by completely removing it and taking it apart. You'll need a import steering wheel removal kit to take the steering wheel off before the switch comes out. Be aware there are some smallish springs and detent balls that can go flying when you remove where the switch articulates and makes contact. Make sure your ground junctions inside the cab are not burned. Slightly burned grounds can make for some weird problems with electronics. It is a known issue that this does occur. They found behind the instrument panel and above the relays .... they are wrapped in electrical tape and inside the wiring harness/bundle. They are easily identified as a piece of rectangular shaped metal with many white with black stripe(ground) wires coming together. From the junction they run with a larger wire to the metal corner of the lower dash and are held in place with a 10mm bolt.

an 83 toyota pick up headlight/turn signal assembly that is available new (after market) that fits with some modifications. here: Turn Signal Fix using parts from a 1983 Toyota Pickup - https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/turn-signal-fix-using-parts-from-a-1983-toyota-pickup.1042983/page-2#post-12278395

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