turn signal wiring help

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Nov 6, 2007
in my little world
i have a diagram to a 78 fj40 is the wiring for the turn signal and key all the same from 73 up and if not where can i get more wiring diagrams at, i dont see any and the tech section:bang::bang:help me please i want to get this done so i can drive it

by the way what's the prob or are you just wiring up a harness?

all the wires can be found with a multimeter too if need be
i am using a painless with the stock turn signal switch and key and just wanted to know which wires went where
It may not be simple to do but it sure beats 40 year old wires that several PO's have hacked and slashed over the years.

And if you take your time and lay it all out in advance its really not bad. If you were to try and just stuff it in there with no thought to where things are going then ya im sure it would turn out a big mess.

I t hink you may also need to use the stock hazzard switch to make it all work right. I went with a grote universal turn/hazzard/high/low beam lever. It looks big when you take it out of the box but after I got it bolted on its not bad at all.

Good luck
i am using a gm headlight switch and a gm windshield wiper switch and the stock turn high beam switch no 4 way flashers also using the stock ignition switch
The turn signal wiring changed fundamentally in 8/73. Use the '71 shematic in tech links.
The pre 74 wiring is more compatible with generic wiring harnesses and GM wiring.

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