Turn signal problems

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Sep 5, 2003
Iowa Park. TX
1972 FJ55. Hazards work but turn signals won't blink. I pulled the turn signal flasher and cleaned the contacts but still won't blink. Is there another signal that has to tell them to blink? How do these little buggers work? Does the hazard flasher have anything to do with the blinkers? Thanks.
bad ground or dirty contact is a likely culprit. clean up all the grounds and contacts for the lights.

they use the hazard flasher and it works on current flow so if you have too little pull from the lights either front or back it wont blink.

the flasher has a bi metallic contact that has to heat up to operate---good in a way cause it lets you know when something is wrong. Both lights have to pull to make mine work
Damn Fireman that's easy! Oh good grief!
I had the same problem. Discovered that the hazard switch needed to be pulled out just a hair.
This is not a grounding problem, since the haz works. You have to trace the hot side of the circit on this one.
I don't know if you have one or 2 flashers , you might check that , makes since.
Also "as far as I know" the haz switch control that signal connections , cleaning it might help, but that maybe not so for a 72. I don't usually rely on specs. I just use my multimeter and follow proper test methods.
Also visual inspection helps, because if only 2 bulbs light up when you pull the Haz , then this will be different problem alltogether in the one flasher setup. Good luck.
I had the exact same problem just a few months ago. You can switch out the hazard flasher relay in for the turn signal flasher relay. That will tell you if you need a new turn flasher relay. That is what it turned out to be on mine.

When I needed a new one, I tried to get one from local auto parts stores, and they never worked. I bought a used one from a memeber here parting out an older rig, and it worked like a charm.
Use a meter to check the current going to the signal. If you've got that - then check the turn signal housing ground at the fenders. You may need to bypass with a test ground wire. My 78 turn signals/hazards did all kinds of weird stuff and in the end it was just the corroded housing ground at the front fender.

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