Turn Signal/ Indicators 79 model Wiring

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May 6, 2012

I'm trying to piece back together some dodgy wiring that was done on the 79 FJ40 I bought and have a question regarding wiring.

The turn signals/ indicators have 3 cables coming out which connect back into the wiring harness. Can someone tell me which color goes into which plug? They don't work currently so I want to check that first and then work back,

I have my wiring harness out. it is marked and will be easy to see. I can take some pics tonight and post up for you. hope you can wait! Also a 79!
Sounds good... It's am here so I will be having a look, I've got the wiring diagram but I can't see 3 separate wires that plug into the actual turn signal.
Still looking for an answer if anyone can help, got a feeling it's going to be a bad ground somewhere but still need to check to make sure I've got the three wires plugged in correctly
Thx guys I'll check it out tonight! Much appreciated, if that doesn't fix it, must be a grounding issue somewhere. PO left the wiring a total mess and I'm feeling like I'll need to call someone in to fix the lot.
Wiring schematics for most all years here: Coolerman's Electrical Schematics and FSM File Retrieval
pay close attention to the sockets inside the housings. They can corrode causing the bulbs to not work, though they appear to have voltage. Grounds, as always on a Cruiser, must be good. Scrape to bare metal, attach ground wire terminal, then seal with paint or some other top coat. Good Luck!

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