Turn signal/flasher issue

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Jan 22, 2007
Alva, Fl.
Ok, so I just got the '77 rig running, after the rear amby door repair. I checked all the lights to make sure they worked, and they did. Ignition off----hazard lights worked ok. Front/rear Parking/headlights/side markers/tag worked ok. Brake lights worked ok. Now turned ignition on, turn signals worked ok, brakes/hazard still ok. Now turned on parking lights-ok, but when turn signals were turned on they clicked once, then stopped--both sides. The hazard flasher also worked, but the flash time was lengthened by about twice the time. Now the turn signals do the same thing even with the parking/headlight switch off. I took my own advice about what has changed--the only thing I did was hook up the WW squirt motor. I disconnected the thing first off and it didn't change anything. One other symptom is the horn was working, and now it's not(new horn relay). The only bad guy I can see is the turn signal switch in the column--if there is a poor(high resistance) connection there it might cause this?
Any help from you all would be greatly appreciated.
ground issue
I guessed that, later after I reread my post, but I have no clue as to where to start.----edit--add pic of ground connections for rear lights--each light has it's own separate connection. I haven't done this for the front lights yet, but will. Terminal board connection is attached to frame with 1/8" copper washer-5/16" stainless bolt torqued to 80 ft/lbs.
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Take a wire from the - of the battery and run it one at a time to each light and run your tests in. Se if it's isolated to one light or wire. Clean all your grounds before doing this and make sure all lights have a good ground.
Thanks, I'll do this tommorrow-I think it may be in the front since I have a good ground on all the rear lights. Do you think it could be a bad connection in the turn signal switch(in the steering column)?(it would have to be both the left AND right) kinda remote that BOTH would be bad at the same time, but hey, it's an old 40--stranger things-----
The hazard flasher works ok, and it bypasses the turn signal circuit-that's why I thought it could be in the signal connections
Just had an issue with my left turn signal, which sounds something similar to yours. My build has been on and off for 5 years. I've just about have everything done on my 78 FJ40, with only a few more minor things. Anyways last week I was about ready to take it for an inspection when the left turn signal stopped working, and then intermittently. As I have found out in the past if something electrical is not grounded properly its not going to work. I ended up taking the entire turn signal off and apart. I found some rust inside and where it contacted the fender. Just took some sandpaper and a wire brush and cleaned it up. Look under the fender also where the nut contacts the under side of the fender, make sure you have a good clean contact there too. Do the small stuff first before spending the money on the turn signal switch.
I did just what you suggested--posted reply to your thread--I dismantled both front lights and hooked up individual grounds on ALL the lights- ran the wires direct to a cleaned frame connection---wow everything works now. Thanks
I saw that pic earlier, would try to insulate those connectors better - water is going to get in there sooner than later - also, run another ground wire from the negative of the battery to that distribution block (which would be better located on top of the frame out of the elements, anyway)
I don't know the internals of later model blinker switches, so no help on that one, sorry :frown:
Its interesting to me that your turn signals worked until you turned on the parking lights, then the turn signals didn't work... but the solution seems to be a ground. Doesn't add up, unless someone can explain it to me.

Important thing is that it all works.

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