Turbo'd 80 with RTT / Silver Bowfin rack needs new wheel advice - Pics! (1 Viewer)


Jun 17, 2004
Spokane, WA
I figured that would tease some interest. :cool:

I currently have 285/75/16 Duratrac's on some old steelies that are pitted pretty bad. After installing the new rack / RTT she looks like she needs a wheel refresh.

Tires are still at 70-80%, but I want to swap to KO2's. I have them on a lifted '10 Sequoia Plat and just like them better overall. Big thing is road noise. I own a boat rental company and my Tundras / Sequoia go on delivery duty all summer so my 80 becomes my mobile office. I drive hours a day to launches and need something more road friendly / quiet whiel on the phone..

I don't rock crawl / mud. Just mildly technical trails, "over landing", and sand dunes are my primary uses. I originally did steel for rocks, but after 14 years of that not being an issue I want to look at aluminum rims, most likely gun metal color.

Sooooo, any ideas out there? I think I want to stick with 33's due to more travel in the dunes and ground clearance not being big enough issue to warrant 35's, but I'm open to 17" rims since I'm getting new tires anyways. I'd love to see pics of white / silver rig / wheel combos. I will also be upgrading OME lift for a 3" - 4" Slinky or Icon setup soon.





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