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post ho
Feb 10, 2004
Tara Ontario
why, you worried you are running dirty oil?
what happens to your turbo bearings when that little sucker gets plugged?
Apr 29, 2010
Langley BC
haha! no I am not worried,
I was wondering the same thing, why would you want to reduce the oil flow to the turbo
Reducing oil flow on Garrett Ball bearing turbos is a common thing. The Ball bearing CHRA does not need as much oil flow and pressure as a journal bearing turbo.

Having said that the turbo oil feed filters are a joke. The filter element is like a 400-500 micron and looks like a stainless steel mosquito mesh. I ran one on my Supra for a couple of years then tossed it after seeing how useless it was. I was running a .030 restricter on my Ball bearing turbos never had any oil get past the seal ring on them with that and no problems with lack of oil.

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