Turbo manifold for 1FZ

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Oct 28, 2002
North Adams, Massachusetts
About another 4 Grand worth. :rolleyes:
I would like to fab a turbo setup but CA smog laws :mad: :mad: . I like your vehicle collection. The bi-turbos are sweet. nothing like a 180 mph family wagon. I used to work for 2Bennett and those were the most fun to drive.
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About another 4 Grand worth. :rolleyes:

Probably more like 2-3k, but would still drive alot nicer than throwing 3k at a supercharger, for the small performance gain.... :flipoff2:
Wow. That would be cool, but yea what would the rest of the custom setup cost? I would think if they went that far to create the manifold that they probably did have 80 setup with the whole works.


Did you ask them if they had a proto type turbo setup?


Just curious. I love my turbo :D Sitting at a stop light the other day with the family in the vehicle and a Dodge 1500 pulls up on the right hand side of me. I knew what he had in mind since the right lane ended a couple hundred feet across the intersection. He obviously didn't know what a turbo'ed 80 can do :slap: after making him pull behind me because he had no chance my wife looks over and says "You enjoy doing that don't you"? Yep.... I thought of a smilly face at the time :flipoff2:
Your story reminded me of my 60. Once we were at a stoplight and a stock 60 pulled up next to us. My 60 had a snorkel, bullbar, sliders, swingout rear bumper, 350TBI V8, 5 speed, Underdrive, 4.11s, ARBs, OME, 35s. I waved at the gentleman and he just looked at me and shook his head in disgust. I reached down engaged the underdrive and the rear ARB. I shifted into first and when the light turned green I let the skinny pedal do the work. The 35s were rolling smoke off them. My wife turned and looked at me and said, "He doesn't get it does he?". Our 80 does not attract near the attention, but once I pulled out in front of a Black 80 with the gold package. I watched the guy in the rear view mirror. It was obvious that he and his wife were discussing our 80. My wife turned around and smiled back at them and his wife just shook her head NO! Poor fellow.
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Did you ask them if they had a proto type turbo setup?


They said the manifold was a one off for some Prince or what have you in the UAE who loved his 80, we went to war and he "never picked it up". No other hardware info was offered.... probably not a kit if I had to guess.
I was talking to one of my students that has built three custom turbo set ups for his Honda. The big question I had was how to make the fuel not go lean under boost. He said the easy, cheap and wholly ineffective way that cost him his first engine is a piggyback box that just increases the pulse width for the stock maps. The other option was to get a programmable ECM. They are kinda neat as you can load your maps onto a laptop and click and drag on the 3D maps to change values. You can have your DD map, your emissions time map, your 1/4 map etc.

He also said, having done it, he would buy the TRD supercharger and save a lot of time and money.

I was just curious. I have a fuel to air mixture guage hooked up to my O2 sensor so I can watch for things like that. It never goes rich, but it doesn't stay lean long, bounces down and back up. Still thinking about that 7th injector someone mentioned here awhile back. The intake on the Safari turbo setup has a spot that is actually plugged, but it sure looks like that is the place a 7th injector would mount. The Safari turbo does come with an ECU that increases fuel, but a little extra wouldn't hurt ::) I could even rig a switch to engage the extra injector, just incase someone in a Dodge with a Hemi pulls up along side of me. :D :D

According to George Couyant the seventh injector was only required with the 93/94 versions due to the differences in using the VAF vs MAF and the 95 being a more advanced control system and faster processor. If the ECM/addon computer is properly controlling the charge then adding another injector isn't going to improve performance unless you're planning to increase boost. In any event it wouldn't be as simple as turning on a switch to activate it. It would require a fuel computer to control it and a lot of setup time to properly tune it. There are fuel computers that can have multiple maps selected by a switch but you are talking some high dollars to purchase, install and setup.
I'm not sure it would be all that hard to install with a batch fire injection system. It would just add to the overall fuel mix. It would, however, add fuel all the time, not just under boost. You could change your fuel maps to adjust if you had a computer you could see and adjust maps for. That would be the best solution along with some serious dyno time.
The performance gains would be in cooling the intake charge and, most importantly, avoid running lean. Running rich causes problems, running lean causes destruction.
Just grab a AIC like the Haltech F5. Costs around $350, will run up to 4 injectors, easy to tune - two little screws adjust load/boost and RPM. Barring a completely new fuel injection/ignition system, it is the way to go.
18Dec2003 (UTC -8)

So who won this EBay deal? Ben Swain of SleeOffRoad.com ?
Actually Robbie bought it. Plans are to put a custom turbo setup on his 94. Manifold is the most difficult thing to source. We have a really good turbo shop in Golden (TEC) so that part is easy. Rest is plumbing and some upgrades to fuel system.
[quote author=sleeoffroad link=board=2;threadid=8855;start=msg78312#msg78312 date=1071933506]
Actually Robbie bought it. Plans are to put a custom turbo setup on his 94. Manifold is the most difficult thing to source. We have a really good turbo shop in Golden (TEC) so that part is easy. Rest is plumbing and some upgrades to fuel system.

Christo, Any plans on developing a marketable product from this project? :cheers:

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