Turbo fj40 n2f

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Apr 6, 2009
Turbo fj40 2f enigne

I am currently in progress of wanting to put a turbo on my fj40 petrol. It still is a stock standard fj40 with the 2f engine, extractors, and 5 speed. needing help on how to do it and if anyone has done it, or if anyone has any ideas to help me.
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bit to much for my budget. would love to do that though. we sort of have plans on how to do it. but not sure if the carbie will be able to produce enough fuel. I'm not after heaps of power. but just a bit more would help.

bit to much for my budget. would love to do that though.

Me too, but with the lack of a bolt on kit I think you are looking at some bucks by the time you are done with the turbo

I think I saw one guy post he did it for 1500 but not sure how well that was put together or what kind of results he got

As mentioned a lot of folks swear by the TBI if you can swing it
I imagine the TBI with a little compression and rv cam and a good valve job would probably wake the ol 2F up nicely
Well if i cant get this to work how i want it. then i reckon that might be the way to go. If i get sick of it all. I think i'll just have save some coin and drop a v8 in it. Hopefully ill have something started soon. so ill make sure to post it

Considering the v8 swap is all laid out for you already it is an easy option. But those that go through the trouble to build and balance the 2f seem really happy with the results--and it is a little different

but depends on what you want, personally I like the 2f for its simple rugged design and loads of room in the bay but I'd be lying if I said I wasnt a fan of good ol American iron

Got a 6.0 in my TBSS DD---woo hoo

for a truck I have always liked the 383

check out this install by fieldsken 1

sure got a purty engine there

also check out this 2f---of course color schemes are a matter of personal pref! :lol:
YouTube - Big Gay 2F
landcruiser 9 006.jpg
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Troll is right, 2f with tbi is badass, i can smoke the tires on my s***. Not being sarcastic...

The throttle response is just rediculous:grinpimp:

Now a 2f tbi and a turbo:bounce: Thats some badass s*** right there.

V8 is too easy, only do that if you have no motor to begin with, otherwise stick with the 2f, i can rev mine too 5000 rpms all day long and no issues 4 years going strong. Knock on wood. Motor is tough as nails.:beer:
I agree totally with what all of you are saying. Everyone in Australia have always just dropped v8's into there shorty's because it's cheap to do and a easier way to get power. Thats why i thought to turbo it. At first i was going to use a small sc-14 supercharger, but because mine has power steering i couldn't put it where it needed to be. and i didn't want to loose the power steering. So then the turbo idea came up. And because i cant find to many people that have done it. I thought i'd give it a go. BUt i never thought about tbi. Still im gonna give this a go, the turbo should arrive next week as i bought it 2 days ago. and i've spoking to my mate who is helping me so hopefully by next weekend we should have something started. so any more ideas will definatly be a great help.
i have a budget turbo 2f total cost was around 1000 (plus i then upgraded the clutch and radiator to cope)

a simple adapter could be made for 100bux using the stock exhaust manifold a turbo some custom piping

however lpg makes it a whole heap simpler and cheaper remember the australian goverment will give you 2000bux to convert to lpg at the moment

on petrol it would be simpler to go drawthrough using something like a 350 holley but your economy is gonna be terible and you cant intercool it
would you have any pictures on the set up. yeah i was told gas would be easier. but i dont really want to go there. if this doesnt work ill end up putting it back to normal untill i can afford to go the whole way
Gas or propane is not complex at all.

Do a drawthrough system and do either fuel or pane.

An intercooler is kind of a waste on a 2F IMHO
would anyone have a design or a way they would put it all together. we have an idea in our head but the more help the better. should we use the intake manifold and make adaptor plates for carbie's or just make a whole new intake. best way to plum it up. things like that would be helpful as. I really want this to work.
Are you looking for a kit?

It already has been done in a couple of different fashions. I am confused about what you really want to do?

Drawthrough or blowthrough?

There are too many variables of what you might to to answer what needs to be done.
The very first link provided in this thread showed you exactly how to put it together then..

It works very well in that fashion.

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