SOLD Tupelo MS - 1998 GMC Sierra 1500 Reg Cab - 4WD w/ 5 Speed

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Posting for my brother. 1998 GMC Sierra 1500 regular cab 4WD with 5 speed manual transmission with around 135k miles. Truck is in great shape and spent the majority of its life up in the PNW. Body and frame are solid, rust free minus some surface on the frame. Brother bought it and has since realized owning an older vehicle isn't for him, thinks it is cool but doesn't have any interest in driving it and trying to get back into something newer. I've driven it around a bit and everything is real smooth and solid.

Got a full fluid flush and gone through by the local Chevy dealer and got a clean bill of health, everything looked good.

Updated to add photos. Asking $15.5k but is open to offers.



IMG_3126 2.jpeg
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you know how many of these trucks i could get for 15 k , more then you and i can count.

yeah a handful of beaters or one good clean one....

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