Tucson folks?

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Dec 13, 2002
buggerville nj
Good friend of mine, Brian Koerner, needs an 80 looked at in Tucson. If anyone is out there in the area and can look at some sheet for him I would be greatly appreciative. Brian is a super guy and you will get 3 good karmas. Email me if you can help please. Thanks.
Junk and others, I took a deposit on the Cruiser this morning, and it's already been inspected by a mechanic so I think the deal will close this afternoon. Unfortunately, Brian's not the buyer.


Me too. Okay now, who's gonna' give me a ride when wheeling' down in Southern Arizona? I'm not a bad navigator.... :D
>> I'm not a bad navigator... <<

Sure, but how are you at spotting? :G
Oh, you actually want me to get out of the rig, too?! ;) Oh alright, I can spot. Heck, I'll even help wash afterwards.
No need to wash the rig after wheeling. I use shrink-wrap, remember? It just peels right off with all the bug juice, dirt, and everything else. Underneath is a pristine truck and no trail pinstripes!
That's right! Aren't we still waiting for photos? :dunno:
That's right!  Aren't we still waiting for photos?   :dunno:
Cruiserdan's got them, we tried to get him to show them while the Wulf was away, but he wouldn't :slap:. He doesn't want to embarrass Beo too bad I guess :G.
Well it seems that if Beo brought it up again, that's as much as permission for C-Dan to post the photos, no? :p
Never said I had any, said I KNEW where they were. They are in the hands of a third party. He's a copywrite kinda guy AND the Wulf is bigger than I am......................... :ugh:

ANY release of the evidence is strictly up to the Great Grey One................... :bow:

Dan :beer:
>> embarrass Beo ... <<

Yeah, right. :-[

I'm a sensitive type of guy. :G

For the record, the pics are available. They will NOT be freely distributed and the reason has nothing to do with embarrassing me. The reason is that the installation process, the material, and the outstanding results are proprietary.

However, I can be bought. Send $500 to Beowulf@PayPal.com :G

(The shrink-wrap harlot)
That's "shrink-wrap HOBO" ::)

 Don't fall for it guys, he's tryin' to get enuf scratch to buy a winch........... :slap:
So, who is this third party? Great grey one?
A fellow club member. Who may not be opposed to earning some coin on the open market :dunno:

The Great Grey One would be the Wulf......... ;)
I'll throw in a brand spanking new, and also happens to be quite shiny, quarter for the cause of seeing the shrinkwrap photos. :G
I'll add a quarter, as well (though I can't guarantee it'll be shiny).  How about a  :banana:, too?  Okay, just wanted to use that smiley.

Okay folks, the Cruiser was sold this afternoon, and now my garage is sad and empty.  Looks like I need to change my icon and profile (and now it looks like I did).


That's all I have to say about that...
ahhh yes...let's visit this topic a little further Simmons...

We agree on a price and I told you I would send you a deposit overnight on friday. I then get a call on friday saying you just sold the vehicle...

I hope the cruiser gods take no pity on you and that the black cloud will circle around you for a long time to come.

pretty low thing to do. If you needed the money sooner, you could've called me. I was looking forward to flying down there with my wife and we were gonna drive the cruiser back... this was to be her cruiser. We could have just have easily sent you a check for the full amount and got an auto transporter if you would've called me...but no, you called and said it's been sold AFTER WE AGREED ON A PRICE AND I WAS SENDING YOU A DEPOSIT. I already had a cashier's check in hand and needed your address.

someone in arizona needs a :slap:

brian :dunno:
harrisonburg, va
I'm sorry to hear you are angry Brian, and I guess there are two sides to every story. Here's my side, just for the record:

We talked on Wednesday evening. You offered a price, I countered and said what I would require for a deposit, you said you'd think about it (talk with your wife) and get back to me the next morning. I also said I wanted to sell the truck soon, before you could pick it up if possible (you said you wouldn't be able to pick it up until June 14 at the soonest, and since I am leaving for Oregon on the 18th for the rest of the month, that didn't leave us much time) so I wouldn't have to make another payment. That evening, I sent you more info on the truck, including a photo, via e-mail. I didn't hear from you the next day at all. On Thursday afternoon, I received a higher offer. Since I didn't hear from you on Thursday (you had my number, no?) as expected, I assumed you were no longer interested. In that time, I had three other very interested queries. On Friday I received an e-mail from you saying you were looking into plane tickets. That's when I realized you were still interested, and when I called and told you I had taken a deposit on it. I had no idea you had already gotten a cashier's check, nor do I know how much for since we hadn't finalized a price, nor a way to make a deposit (I would have requested a wire transfer, which I think is pretty standard).

Again, I'm sorry you're angry, but we never finalized a price, and when I didn't hear back from you the next day as expected, I moved forward on another offer. What would you have done? Times are tough and I have to go with the solid offer that's in front of me. That's not a cop out or some evil premise to lead you or anyone on that warrants a black cloud over me for a long time to come. I'm the one here with the real loss, Brian. I put over $7,000 into the Cruiser since January, then have my job phased out and have to sell it at a substantial loss.


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