For Sale Tucson, AZ - Multitude of Parts Left from Part Out of 4 80 Series. 1996 LX450, 1992 Cruiser, 1996 Cruiser, 1997 LX450 (1 Viewer)

Jan 4, 2015
Tucson, AZ
Here's a thread to the post on Facebook Marketplace where the formatting of the product list is easier to understand. Link below of all photos in google photos album.

I’m moving in a month and everything thing must go whether to you or the junk yard. Deep discounted prices on everything left from multiple 80’s part out. Located in Tucson. You pay all shipping costs and coordinate shipping on all larger items. I had trouble uploading all the photos, so here's a link to view them all: Cruiser Parts Left

3rd Row Leather Seats from 1996 Land Cruiser: $60 for Both

Center Console Subwoofer from 97 LX450: $10 Stereo Head Unit from 97 LX450: $30 I’ll also throw in the Bluetooth Tape with the head unit (hence the reason for the cutout on the bottom of the tape insert: Factory Stereo Amp: $10 6 Disc CD Changer: $10 Center Console Parts: The bottom is the one came out of my 97 LX450 and is painted black (originally brown), and I have a top from a 1992 center console. I also have the mount that goes under it, I’m sure you can bend it back, but a door fell on it. Two Right Tail Lights: $10 each Two Sets of Front Turn Signals: $10 Set I have 2 Radiators: $10 Each First One: Came out of a 1996 Land Cruiser. I believe it’s OEM but not 100% sure. No leaks & works, but has some corrosion in it that will need to be cleaned out: I also have the mounting brackets for the first radiator: $10 Second One: $10 I believe this one is aftermarket and I’m not sure which one. I recently flushed my system and replaced green with red. When I put the drain plug back in, there was a small leak from the plug, so I’m assuming that the gasket didn’t sit properly. When I tried to take the plug out, I broke the tabs, so I said screw it, and bought a new one instead of dealing with the old one. No leaks, clean on the inside, need to find a replacement drain plug which is not the same thread size as OEM. Oh, and there was also some mud stuck between the AC condenser and the radiator when I pulled it off, but the fins should clean out just fine: AC Condenser: Came off a 1996 Land Cruiser, no known issues, seems fine: $10 ABS System: I pulled it from my vehicle. I’ve heard these are hard to flush, but that would be my recommendation prior to installing as the ABS light was on, but it was still functioning: $10 Upper Hatch from 1996 LX450: Some sun oxidation, but otherwise solid with a couple hardly noticeable small dents. The dents would likely come out pretty easy with a glue dent kit: $30 Transmission: Came out of a 1992 Land Cruiser with under 200K. I sold the actuator off the top of it separately: $40 Inner Front Fenders – Came off the 1996 LX450: $20 Each Front Left Fender w/ Flare: $20 Has a small dent in the front corner which happened when the truck was pushed off a trailer. From 96 LX450 Lower Tailgate: $40 – Came off a 1992 Land Cruiser that was originally red and painted a non-stock gray color: Rear Bumper Corners: $10 Each – Came off 1996 LX450: Front & Rear Drive Shafts w/ U-Joints: Came off 1992 Land Cruiser: $20 Each Steering Wheel: From 1992 Land Cruiser: $10 Interior Plastic Components from 1996 & also from a 1992 Land Cruiser: $5 piece 1992 Fender Flare Pieces & 1 piece from a 1996 Land Cruiser: $10 Each Rear Hatch Gasket Seal: $10 Out of 1992: Miscellaneous Door Trim Pieces: $5 Each: Not sure what this is called, but the cover between the hood & the front windshield: $15 Each Piece. One is from a 1996 LX450, and one from a 1992 Land Cruiser which was originally red and painted non-stock gray: Rear Fender Wheel Well Carpet Dark Gray from 92 Crusier: Free, pay for shipping: Front Blinker Trim B/W Bumper & Grill: $10 from 96 LX450 1996 LX450 Mud Guard: $5 Front Grill Mount Pieces: $15 Gas Tank Guard – I think from the 1996 LX450: $20 Cross Member Near Transfer Case: $10 Transfer Case Shield: $10 Not in Perfect Condition, but complete. I pulled this off my 97 LX450. I’m confident you’ll be able to get it back together and installed solid, may need plastic weld on a piece or two. The back cross bar is also bent from a tree branch on a trail, but should be able to be straightened out: $10 Rear Mud Guard: $10 The following: · Rear view mirror: $5 · Horns (I have 2 sets): $5 each · 1992 Fuse Cover: $2.50 1992 ECU Computer: $20 1992 Air Amplifier Assembly: $5 Front Exhaust Manifold: $10 (Has a screw stuck in it, could be taken out with drill press): 1992 Y-Pipe (that’s been cut to remove from the engine w/ Cat Converter: Free Rear Exhaust Pipe from 1992: $10 Front Frame Piece: $15 Front Bumper Frame Pieces: $5 One is fine, one is bent, but would still work: Used 315/75r/16 Dick Cepek Tire: Bought to use as a spare, but then on my way back from Moab got a nail in one of my tires, so I plugged that one and using it as a spare instead. $35 – Just asking what I paid for it at a used tire shop. 1996 LX450 Shell: $150

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