Tube Style Tire Carrier

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Jun 20, 2010
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Can someone snap a few pics of the tube style tire carrier for me? I'd like one closed, one open and finally one of the latch catch.

If there is anyone mid way through a refresh and can give me measurements of the latch catch location that would be awesome!

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Gathering parts and intel now. I am leaning towards the tube style carrier.

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All ive got. Do you have the correct nut certs in your fender? Of do you have to add these?
I suspect the rear sill has the nutserts for the tube carrier style since they do not line up with the older door style carrier. This was caused by my installing the wrong model year sill.

I just bought a tube style carrier off of eBay so I will confirm it next weekend. I will have to relocate the top nutserts/steel support plate on the upper portion of the rear sill.

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What is the best way to relocate it? I am assuming there are tack welds holding it in place. The way I see it I could drill out the talk welds and move it to the right or simply drill a new set of holes and tack up some nuts in the new position.

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TC, hope these help , if you need more detail let me know
Yup, that confirms it. The sill was definitely set up for the tube style carrier. It looks like I will be relocating the plate.

I need to get a hold of the bump stop in pic #1 and the latch and I am all set.

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Parts officially ordered through

Has anyone out there removed/relocated the backing plate successfully? Please post up some pointers so I don't mangle it trying to get it off.

Thanks for all of your help.

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I removed mine sandblasted and painted them before re attaching. The pics are at home on my computer. Straight weld cutter bit. Drill out the 3 or 4 spot welds and it pops right off. Just go slow and don 't rush it or you will end up with a hole in your rear quarter panel. Really it's quite simple. Be prepared to find rust behind there. It might make you think about removing all your captured plates especially the jump seat and rollbar brackets in the wheel well. Rust havens!
Found some pics from my build thread. These are the jump seat brackets. You can see how bad the rust gets under there. If you can muster up the energy to pull them all off now you will save yourself from doing the wheel wells later. I por15 them, but it doesn't like to weld back up with it painted. Plus it's toxic! I would come up with a Zink primer or something instead after sandblasting.
2HH55F said:
TC, hope these help , if you need more detail let me know

X2 on the thanks! The measurements were exactly what I needed.

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Old thread but were you successful with the tube style carrier swap?
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Any photos of the lower support inside of the tub? I am missing that one. Anyone know where I can get one or have the dimensions so that I can fab one up? Also, do you think this would need to be welded to the tub, or could I just make a backing plate to help support the weight?

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