Tube Between Mass Air & Trottle Body

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Apr 1, 2003
Stuff like this happens at the wrong time. I was changing my air filter (Toyota factory part for those keeping score) and proceeded to split the plastic/rubber inlet tube that goes between the mass air sensor and the throttle body. Now, nomally I would just be mildly pissed but I am in Phoenix and need to drive to Vegas tomorrow. All of the dealers are now closed so I need to improvise. My first thought is duct tape and bailing wire. See it split in the corregated part of the tube. Any thoughts?
Try a radiator hose repair bandage, the thin strechy rubber bandage type. Its made to take the heat in an engine compartment.
I know I've read some guys have duct tape on theirs. Furnace ducts get pretty hot, it should work. Black preferred for extended use.
You are probably on the road already. I was going to caution you to watch for signs of running lean. if the crack is not fully sealed, some air will enter the engine by-passing the airflow meter. The more leakage, the leaner it runs. Leaner is usually hotter. Good luck.
I made it with the help of a friend who is an aircraft mechanic and 62 owner. We put the tube together with this orange duct tape that is super sticky. Then to protect that we wrapped it in this metal tape that is used to patch holes in jets and FAA approved. I need to get me some of that. Thanks for you help!!! :D

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