Tube bender

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May 28, 2002
I am thinking of getting a tube bender. I am looking for opinions on the Pro Bender 105HD. Anything I should know? Good, bad or indifferent?
Love the Hossfeld #2 that I have set up with hydraulics.

Good luck!

I would buy a manual one. There is some great info on Pirate how to buy an air/hydro cylinder for it to turn it into pneumatic for like $100.
No problem, you can be the guinea pig.
I am about ready to order my bender. I am only going with one die right now. What would be the best size for cages, sliders, and the such? I am leaning toward 1.75, but the 1.5 is also very appealing.

What do you think?
Get them both, and then wish you had picked up the 2.00, 1.25, and 1.00 also...

Have fun!
I was afraid someone would say that. :-\
I just saw this add that may be good for someone near SF. Not for me and I don't know anything about it, but it seems like used benders are tough to find so thought I'd post it for you left coasters.

The email contact is

Here's a copy paste of his add (sorry, I know this is outfitting, but I have no affiliation and this is in reply to a topic in bending).
Hossfeld Bender
$ 500.00
Hello, I have a pacific co bender (hossfeld) that is for sale! I have the basic set of dies and angle iron ins and outs! Wxtension arm also. Please email if you have any questions! Pick up only!
San Francisco, CA 94110
Pick-up only (no shipping)

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