tube bender in ut county

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Jun 22, 2004
sittin on the couch in UT
im gonna build me some rear tube fenders, problem is i would like them to be bent nicely to match my curves, any one in utah county that has one let me know. ill bring the drinks and pizzas

gonna make them bolt ons will keep everyone psted etc..

been there done that, kinks the crap out of it.
been there done that, kinks the crap out of it.
Howdy! I know some folks have had decent results with these units from HF, others had no luck at all. I think they lucky ones sanded down the forms and oiled the end rollers, then applied pressure VERY slowly. I haven't been brave enough to get one and try it out. John
The problem with the hf bender is the dies are for pipe, not tube. I've gotten some pretty good bends with the pipe die by wrapping the tube in some thick rubber. It takes up the slop in the die.

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