Tubby Xplorer, coming soon to a town near you?

Jan 2, 2003
Fairview, NC
Those of you who have been following the story in Toyota Trails will be familiar with Tubby Xplorer. Jack and Margaret (and their killer Land Cruiser) are now in the US and will soon be making their way to Alaska and back. They're interested in meeting Cruiser folks along the way and have said they would be willing to give a presentation highlighting their adventures to any TLCA clubs that might be interested. They can be contacted directly at:


Let's roll out the red carpet for these folks.


Herewith is our planned schedule for the next three months of our sojurn in the US and Canada. We will leave Arizona the first week of June to drive via Utah, Wyoming, Montana towards Calgary for the Stampede running from the 8th - 18th July. From there we will take the Alaskan Highway to Fairbanks and Anchorage. Then via ferries to Juneau - Prince Rupert and towards Vancouver Island.
Cross over into Washington State, visit friends of ours on Mercer Island, Seattle then return to the western side of Washington and hug the coastline down to Oregon, then east through Nevada, north of Las Vegas ontowards the Grand Canyon. Finally south into Arizona via Flagstaff, Sedona and back to Showlow by the end of August.
Should we not sell the Cruiser we will drive through New Mexico north of San Antonio to Houston from where we will ship the Landcruiser back to South Africa.
Thank you in advance
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