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Feb 19, 2006
East Texas
Hey guys, I'm about to have to remove the tub of my '73 FJ40 off the frame. I'm having it all blasted then sprayed with Line-X. Anybody know how heavy the tub itself is, with everything stripped out? Also, how difficult is removing it from the frame? It looks like its about 10 bolts or so holding the tub on, but i didn't know if there was any advice for removing it or tricks...or anything to look out for. Thanks for the help.

Its heavy. I took mine off in too pieces, the firewall, and the tub. Make sure you remove any hoses or wires attached to it, or else it'll suck when you try to remove it. There should just be the 10 body mounts holding the tub on.
I lifted my 74 tub with one person helping me. I would guess around 300 pounds. Lifting over the stick shift was a pain (I couldn't get the shifter to come out). 3 people would be better.

The wireing harness unplugs at the firewall on the pasenger side. Disconnect the brake lines at the frame.
Clutch line, Heater hoses, Throttle linkage, Speedo cable, Fuel Lines, Emergancy brake cable, and all the body mounts and running board mounts.
Steering rag joint, Running light wires in rear.
I know I forgot something

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Thanks for all the info guys, I appreciate it. I haven't had it for too long. I sanded down the outside myself and primed then did the Zero Rust and Rustoleum stuff....but then I found some rust in the passenger floor under some of the DIY bedliner the previous owner had rolled on so I'm just gonna blast it all off and have it Line-X'd inside and out. Anybody else have theirs done that way? Any pictures? Any advice on thickness? Thanks again.
I like Line-X. It has the best texture, IMO. But someone mentioned on another board that Line-X is flammable. Or at least, Line-X would contribute fuel to a fire far beyond what fuel a few layers of paint would provide a fire. I'd never thought of that before when considering lining my 40's tub.

With the fire concern in mind, I think I'll only line the wheelwells, the underside of the front fenders, and the cargo area of the tub from the rear heater back. Places that need abrasion resistence.

The top of the floorboards doesn't really need bed coating since it has the mat and some sound deadening padding I'll add. I don't think the underside of the body (excepting the underside of the wheelwells & fr. fenders) needs Line-X, but Line-X all under would be great for cleaning off mud and grease. I'll probably brush paint POR 15 on the underside of the tub. Two coats would no doubt hold up well against rock chips, mud, and grease and make a good compromise between all Line-X and no Line-X. HTH. :)
if the bdoy tub is gutted you can lift it off with two people . i did mine with my wife , bit by bit , i lifted up the front part of the tub she placed a beam across under neath the tub and on two saw horses , went to the back of tub did the same thing , then rolled the frame out from under the tub done
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