Tub dimensions

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Sep 27, 2010
I'm working on an '78 FJ40 that came in pieces. The previous owner had a tub fabricated but didn't have any of the bottom cuts made i.e. wheel wells, rear corners, etc.

Wondering if anyone has the dimensions/drawing that shows all the correct dimensions:
height where tub meets door
angles for wheel well and cut around rear

Been looking for another FJ to copy from but not many in this area.
Did a search on google, and came across these. Don't know the year, but might help...
Thanks for the dimensions and all the additional lit links. I did a bunch of searches under quarter panels and came up empty. This will definitely help. Two additional measurement I could use is the height above the wheel (from the lowest part of the tub to the top of the tub) and where the tub meets the door frame (again bottom of tub to top of tub.

Thanks again

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