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Feb 19, 2008
Tshirts were delivered this evening while at the Cruise In at Bessingers.... I have already handed out the following and have the rest with me in FJ if you are in my area during week. I also will have them at Uwharrie. Once all prepaid shirts are delivered it will be open for others to buy if they so desire....thanks for support everyone.

1- ProInv
4-GreenSeaMan(ProInv has yours)
5-Mike Jones
6- Brett Bickel today
7-Zac Abraham today

My office is off Azalea Drive not too far from Leeds Avenue if familiar with North Charleston. I also travel to Hanahan area quite often for my other office and customers on SPAWAR so can meet you to drop off if more convenient. I would like to not have to mail any but know I will for our CALIFORNIA member and possibly our Marines. Anyone else....?
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Shirts and Stickers

Will try to run down to chuck town this weekend sometime, will pm YOU PRIOR TO TRIP AND CALL TO SEE WHERE YOU'RE AT AND PICK UP THEN woops not really shouting just finger slipped on to the cap lock. See Ya:whoops::cool:
Turn onto Azalea Drive at first light past jail house.....go across railroad tracks and there is a HONEYWELL sign on right part way down from bus lot which is on left. My FJ will be parked out front if I am there and not at meeting over at SPAWAR. I am here now until noon and then will be back around 2:30pm.
I was there...did you go to the Salisbury by Honeywell......or the HONEYWELL sign?

My place is the plain HONEYWELL SIGN...the office building set off road....the fenced blue place is the plant for North Safety/Salisbury.

Go past the Salisbury sign to Honeywell sign...it is about even with end of bus lot...if you miss it you will see church on left. Only two cars out front...mine and the other manager...everyone else parks in rear.
Went through shirts and sorted by order that was prepaid...

I have extra 2XL, XL and one LG available. Everything else is sold on this batch.

I will have the remaining shirts and stickers with me for anyone that wants to buy a shirt or pick up their stickers...
I need to make sure I have the large in case my mind is failing me...but think there is ONE LEFT. When I go out for lunch will look in back and put your name on it and let you know Jim.
Sounds lovely indeed....Pete and I were just talking about them.....He stopped by the carwash while I was waxing my 40 rims.......

I'm very appreciate all the logistics, etc. you're doing.....You're a first class dude for sure....
I found a large when i was getting shirts for Bickel...he wanted a large...and told him it was reserved for you...so he was forced to take a XL...LOL

I have it with your name on it...so I can give to anyone that heads this way or however you want to get it.
Trip down

Have an invite to a bbq this evening with a cutie :clap:, so won't be down this week end. But no hurry just toss them somewhere to pick up next meeting or if someone comes up for hammon. Se ya:cheers:

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