Trying to locate 6 lug rotors with integrated parking brake hubs that will fit with Dana 60 8-lug brake hardware (1 Viewer)

Dec 19, 2019
Kirkland, WA
Hi Everone,

I have a narrowed semi-float Dana 60 (off of a Ford E250) that came with the rotors, calipers, axles, and parking brake hardware. It's going under a 1978 FJ40 in the rear and will be getting some custom length axles. It came with 8 lug rotors/hubs and was wondering if anyone knew of any 6 lug rotors with the integrated parking brake drums that would fit with the brake hardware I currently have? I think just size and fitment is the issue? I'd like to buy just the rotors/hubs (if they are out there) to save on cost, otherwise, I'll need to buy an whole new set of 8 lug wheels. Has anyone done this before? Not going to be a crazy rock crawler, it will be mostly street driven with moderate off-road use.

Thanks for any insight you can provide.
Dec 13, 2012
8 lug is free floating axle so doubt there is any 6 lug parts that will fit in place of 8 lug parts.

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