Trying to determine a value for a freind and her son

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Jun 22, 2016
On the road
Hey Folks,
A good friend of mine and her son just came into the possession of a blue/green 1997 80 with lockers. The interior and paint are decent. It's got 140k.....but the underside looks like it lived in the ocean for the past 10 years...RUST bad. I actually thought my LC was rusty..until I saw this one. They want to sell it, but I am wondering what a vehicle like this would be worth. I already told them $3k with a blown HG, 6K without a blown...but thoughts?

I can also pass along any interets to them....but this thread is not intended to be a FS thread.

I also told them they would make some $$ if they simply parted it out.
Should we assume that it is also located in Maine or somewhere nearby in New England? Any service records or history? It's really hard to place a valuation on a vehicle that none of us have seen, but I'll play along. If we assume no maintenance records, bad rust, but it runs strong, has working lockers & low miles, I'd guess somewhere around $5k-6k. Of course, I'm out West where we don't have as many problems with rust. The value may not take as much of a hit in New England were everything is rusty. If it runs & drives well then I don't think parting it out makes much sense.
A woman and her son do NOT need to try to part out this truck. Sell it as one piece for $4-6K with what @cbpeck said.
It's a valuable truck ($10K+) with lockers and low miles, but if the entire underside is rotten then I would cut value in half.
List it for sale with pictures of underside so you do not break the guys heart that just drove 400 miles to see it...or don't and watch your phone blow up.
I think $4-6k is high for a rusted 80. Factory locked or not.

I would think if it runs they get $2-3k for it.

Then again, it's worth what someone will pay for it.
I'm in the process of cleaning up my own undercarriage with scrapers/wire brushes/naval jelly/used motor oil...makes a big difference in the aesthetics (granted, mine is mostly surface rust.)

A general underside clean-up might help raise the selling price...just my $0.02.

Post some pics and show us how bad it is.
Run on the beach? Badly rusted I would only give $ for parts. There's a 100 here in Ipswich, MA that's totally rusted out from weather and beach and salt. It's parts. I suspect yours is the same. Too bad but they didn't take care of it so it's their problem. $1000 max.

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