trying the Volkswagen wiper upgrade

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Sep 17, 2006
Santa Rosa, CA
So, I bought the wipers I thought were

right. 95-9557-B and 95-9556-B. But, they aren't the same length so I'm not sure what's wrong.


Also, my original had a set screw,


the Volkswagen looks like it want's a cap screw. Not sure how to finish this off.


1966 - the wiper I had, had a set screw on the side and nothing on top.
‘66 needs the set screw, there are no threads to thread the retaining nut on to hold the others on and in place.
So, I should drill and tap a set screw into the side of the Volkswagen wiper? That should be interesting.
Sounds like an interesting predicament.

Drill and tap for a Allen screw, or a bolt.

Or lather the JB Weld on it and fuggitaboutit.
Those wipers up to 67 were alil different in that there is a piece that sets to the shaft and then the arm mounts to

As to the different lengths I think it is that you want the two the same (afaik right side)

The vw ones I got were the silver and I got both the same right side ... I think the black would be the same... the black also used the larger j hook which is good ... the silver use the smaller j hook

Afaik there were other vehicle that had the older setup like our early cruisers ... earlier ford f100s possible was one one maybe mid 50’s

May just be easier to get the correct older wiper arms and where the aftermarket ones have the adjustable blade set screw remove it and cut off the vw ends ... bolt it to the aftermarket toyota arms and you have a j hook on the correct replacement arms :meh:

Just an idea to not waste the money on the vw stuff
So, I finally got this (almost done). As pointed out in a thread I found earlier (and thanks to whoever it was that figured out a simple solution) the VW arms hook the wrong way. So, I notched the bend and bent them back the other way. I also kept the bulk of the original arms, wanting to maintain the funkiness of the set screw mounted wiper system. I cut the old arms off and tacked the new arms in place.


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