Trying on a new 'to me' roof rack. Need feedback.

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Aug 27, 2007
Flagstaff Arizona
I bought this roof rack a few months ago and haven't put it on until now. I was told it is for an older series LC than my 80. It's from Garvin Industries. Looks a little wide to me. Let me know what your think.
I don't think there's necessarily a defined "right" or "wrong" width/size, so much as your preference and specific requirements.

Personally, I'd lose the factory cross bars and look at mounting it a bit closer to the roof. The clamps are pretty tall, so it sticks up a bit for my liking. That's more of a preference thing on my part, so take it with a grain :cheers:

IMO, if it works for your application, it's fine. If you find yourself snagging stuff or dragging it on rock walls or something, then it's too wide.

Do you have it for a specific reason, or just to have a roof rack?
Looks a bit wide and tall for my likes for day to day driving but it would be handy if you had a big load of stuff.
The reason for the rack is to make more room for the three boys and two dogs when camping. Usually the sleeping bags, tent, and some camping gear end up there on the stock roof rack. The stock roof rack works alright but I typically only lightly load it. I figured if I had a more sturdy rack, I wouldn't be as concerned about the weight.
It does look high but if I leave it on, it would only be for the summer for camping. We put too many miles on the LC to leave it on year round.

I say use it, if you decide it's too wide, get rid of it. As long as it's stout and does what you need it to do, I don't see it being an issue. If you don't like the way it looks, weigh that against its overall functionality, then proceed from there :cheers:

Some report excessive noise from their roof racks (especially higher ones) but I've never heard any major differences while running my basket-style rack. Mine didn't sit quite as far off my roof as yours does, so that may make a difference. Yours is also farther back, so that might mitigate some of the possible noise issues you might run into.
I started with a wider confer rack I bought off of craigslist. Believe it was for a fj55. I cut it down and welded it back. I also bought lower mounts, but they could have been fabbed. At 55mphish, no wind noise. But mine is narrow now and sits lower.
I guess what I am trying to say is mine was like yours but I fixed it. I didn't look right to me. And when I was carrying it home on top of the suburban the wind noise was insane. Thus the lower mounts.
I have that Wilderness rack 'n modded it for bikes/camping It is for a 40 - I wound up putting mine on a 60 - alittle tall n wide- but no noise and virtually bomproof. Whatever works
I wouldn't mind the height as much as the width. Im amazed I haven't torn mine off catching on limbs.
Thanks for posting this up. I just picked the same size/brand rack recently, and haven't taken the time to mount it. Now I won't be surprised. I don't intend on keeping mine on permanent though, and am working on mounts for it for my FJ-40's cage. I am also trying to figure out a removable floor made of expanded metal for it. Just another project on the list.
One thing I didn't mention about this roof rack is that it clamps on the rain gutters and rubs the door gasket when opening and closing the rear doors. The rack is off already as I look for a better way to mount the rack to the car.

Other than fab the mounts, anyone recommend mounts that fit better on the rain gutters or do I need to remove the plastic cover over the rain gutter before mounting a roof rack?

Thanks for everyone's input.
My rain gutter cover is off and I still have a little bit of rubbing. I put rubber on the rack mounts to keep them from metal to metal. I may cut out the section of rubber on the mount that rubs the door.

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