Trying not to beat a dead horse (Jim C rebuilt carb in hand)

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May 24, 2008
Ft. Myers Florida
You fellers might remember me as the guy who sold his 60 for scrap...

Well, the guy never came to get her and i was left with some money in hand from him (along with the title still in my name..)

So, im finally attempting to get everything back together and running, and will more then likely keep her as a second family vehicle (my own, ill let the ol lady drive the nissan).

Anywho, im looking for others that have had their carb rebuilt by jim c(fj40jim) for their desmoged 2f engine ( like mine ).

It seems that he cut and polished where the linkage bracket used to be (Jim if you read this, im not pointing fingers and saying you were wrong in doing so, i just have no clue what to do). So my question is, for you guys, what route should i take in hooking up the linkage now?

Im usually only a 2 banana type of machanic, and havent a clue on what to do!

Any suggestions would be great, and, Jim, if you chime in, I love you, and all youre awesomeness and my carb and dizzy look great!
I don't understand. The linkage bracket is a separate bracket that bolts down on top of the carb base plate using the carb mounting bolts. So what was cut a polished. Maybe post a picture?
carb linkage.JPG
Here are a couple of pics..

I have tried to contact jim with no aval, although, i know he is super busy! :)

Hopefully you guys can help me out alittle! :)

before... (I know this one doesnt help much, as its not the same angle or side of the carb)




so the thing called "bracket 78183" in the schematic above is what you are missing. It slides over the two drivers side carb mounting studs and is held on by the bolts that hold the carb base plate to the intake manifold. The ball end in you bottom picture fits into a socket on the bracket.

So Jim didn't cut anything off...
You need the linkage bracket #78183 in 2MBB's pic above.

Wow, now i feel not so smart!

Anywho...thanks alot guys, ill have to order a new one! :)
PM me I have one of those brackets sitting around.

Hey Spoony,

Did you get this fixed yet?


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