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Apr 16, 2005
San Jose, Costa Rica

I had my mint 1988 FJ-62 stolen from in front of my house here in Costa Rica on Tuesday. :eek:

Then the guy calls and tries to extort me to get it back. :mad: This is common here when a car is stolen. :mad:

Anyhow, I am over the shock of it and wanted to thank you all for sharing your knowledge on this forum. I'll be out of the Land Cruiser fraternity for a while, at least.

Until next time,
Fawking Cawksuckers.

Sorry to hear that.
couldn't you set up a meeting telling him you have $$'s , and show up with the local sheriff, or are they on the take??
Well, I had theft coverage, so at least I'll get close to market value for the truck, but as we all know, when you finally have your truck just about exactly as you want it with no leaks of any kind, it is worth more than market value. Oh, well.

The law enforcement here is woefully undersupported resource-wise, so I would be very surprised if it ever showed up. maybe David in Panama will see it before I do :mad: since a lot of "used" :rolleyes: parts exit Costa Rica to other neighboring countries.

Besides, if the thief drove it more than a mile in the manner he took off, I wouldn't want it back anyway. I think he redlined every gearshift. I've NEVER seen a Land Cruiser go that fast that quickly. I don't think I'd want to again, either.

I'll post up what happens in a month or so when I have to go back to the insurance and begin the haggling. Here the stolen vehicle is only "kidnapped" until a month passes, then it is "stolen" and considered a total loss.

Until next time,
No club or alarm?!?
My BJ60 is never parked on the street in Guatemala with less than 2 clubs and the alarm (2 location of start disable) set. Sometimes it's got 3-4 clubs in addition to the alarm! The clubs are arranged that each one requires an additional cut to the steering wheel or whatever that it's contected to!
Call him back and tell him to return it and you wont kill him!

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