Truck stalling just after take off…fuel delivery problem?

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Nov 26, 2013
Hi folks,

Just wondered if someone would recognize the cause of this right off the bat. Normally, truck seems to be running fine with no fuel delivery issues. However, I sometimes have a problem starting it. It will start up and then immediately die as if for lack of fuel. After a few tries and pumping the gas pedal it seems to catch as if fuel finally arrived in sufficient amount. Also, and I feel this is related, sometimes the truck will start fine and I will start driving down the road and suddenly the truck will start dying or coughing, again as if starved for fuel. After babying it a bit or pulling over and restarting…it runs again with no problem. Might this be a simple fuel filter that should be changed (can't remember the last time I did that and truck has been sitting for years) or does it sound like the fuel pump? I know, not a lot to go on but just though I'd throw it out there before I do something dumb. By the way, I have a Weber carb…no gunk in the little screen there, either.
Thank you.
If you really don't know when you last changed the fuel filter, it time for a fuel filter change. :rolleyes:

It's impossible to know if the fuel pump or carb are suspect, if you haven't done the basic maintenance.
Yes, I figured as much. It's because I live in Thailand and am just in the States for a few months. The truck has been sitting in my dad's barn for a couple decades until about 3 years ago when I was home and got it running again. Then it sat again for another year, etc… I'm so afraid to mess with anything…because as we all know with these old boys, once you start messing with any one thing all hell breaks loose. I'm trying to stick my head in the sand as much as possible.
Thanks for your reply!

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