Truck runs great I turn it off, try to restart, and nothing

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Jan 24, 2007
Bristol, Rhode Island
I have the strangest problem. When my 1987 FJ60 sits for a while it will start right up. It also usually runs fine and will start up and turn off in a typical day.

Occasionally (with increasing frequency), I will be driving and everyting seems fine. I park it, turn it off, come back maybe 10-20 minutes later, and it's dead. I mean nothing. It's a brand new optima battery, new battery cables, all the lights work, volt meter reads just above 12v stopped and over 14 when running.

It just won't turn over. I turn the key, volt meter drops to below 8v but nothing happens.

Here's the kicker. If I let it sit an hour or two, it will then fire right back up.

Any ideas? Solenoid? Starter? Bad ground of some sort?


Does it "click" when you turn the key? Or dead silence?

Bad solenoid/starter?
Bad starter relay?
Bad battery ground?
Are you throwing any codes?
I had the exact same problem with my 62 a few months back, only difference being is mine would click, but the rest of the symptoms were an exact copy. Mine was the starter. Not as spendy as I thought it would be, and super easy to replace.
i've been told that exact scenario is dirty injectors, clean them and your good to go.
i've been told that exact scenario is dirty injectors, clean them and your good to go.

Unless I am misunderstanding, I don't think his truck is even cranking over.
i had the exact same problem which still arises once in a great while...was faulty fusible linkage coming from the battery.
From my experience with my fj62 and an fj80 i had, the fusible linkage is the vehicle's achilles hill.
Do a voltage test in that situation at different points of the electrical starting system if you feel froggy...that should reveal your point of problem.
Yes I've had this situation as well and it was the fusable link that connects to the battery cable. Inspect this, wiggle it around, clean it up, tighten the connection.


Or you can try rebuilding your starter contacts....

They may look like this:

happens to mine too. PO installed some funky wiring stuff, with a majic switch in the footwell. doesn't seem to matter which direction i flip the switch, if truck gots no juice i just move the switch and then it does.

better look into the fusible link thing!

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