Truck ramhorns for $30 bucks (not mine!)

Sep 1, 2004
So. Austin, tx
I am not affiliated with this, but they are cheap if they are in good shape and in case someone is doing a V8 swap and wants the ramhorns. This is from the Austin Craigslist from yesterday (4/06)...I could not copy the link (one of my kids messed with the address bar on my computer), so I copied the whole ad, see below.


Chevy GM stuff

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Date: 2007-04-05, 12:12PM CDT

set of 'Hurricane/ Turbine' style five-lug 14" mag wheels $50

pair of sport mirrors $20

truck ram horn exhaust manifolds $30

305 stock rebuilt heads $100

Oldsmobile aluminum intake $30

I can post pics for anyone who is interested this weekend.
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