Truck pulling to the right mystery solved!

Discussion in '80-Series Tech' started by LandyLover, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. LandyLover


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    Oct 2, 2004
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    My truck has progressively gotten worse over the past weeks as it pulled towards the right. Searches in this forum did not reveal the cause of my problem.... I was sure it was an alignment problem because my passenger tire was wearing unevenly and my brakes were not dragging. But I was a bit puzzled because the tie rod ends appeared tight when I jacked it up, and there was no left to right slop between the wheels when I moved them by hand. But alas, a simple wheel bearing was the culprit. The outer bearings were worn bad enough that a drag was resulting.

    Im sure that added weight on the front of the cruiser invited accelerated wear but Im a bit surprised this happened. Ive never experienced this before on anything Ive owned. For the cost of new bearings, just change them to avoid a hassle and possible catastrophic failure.

  2. IdahoDoug


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    Aug 9, 2003
    Sounds like an improper repack was done to me. These bearings are way over spec'd for a vehicle of this weight, and a winch would be no issue at all. That the other front bearing is fine is worth noting.

  3. Cruiserdrew

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    I have come to this conclusion as well. A new set of bearings every 3-4 years doesn't break the bank and it means to don't have to clean the old ones out. Then you know you are installing good bearings. In 8 years, I have had 2 front wheel bearings go bad, one on my FJ60 (@ 180k miles) and one on my 80 series (@ 90k miles).

    I have had good service from the Timkin bearings(best price at AutoZone), and I am running a set of Koyos from Cruiserdan in my FJ60.
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