truck lurching forward... Trans? Idle?

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Sep 20, 2003
Hi all:
test drove this 2000 yesterday for about 10 mins. Thought the trans shifting gears was not the smoothest (I mean it was readily noticeable) when I was driving it. But also, I put it on a patch of dirt and set it to low gear while in Neutral. When I shifted to Drive, the car would lurch forward. Not a head jerking hit, but still noticeable, would move and not stay in place. This true whether the 2nd start and center diff lock were engaged or not (IIRC not sure).
Forgot to look up the idle RPM. Engine was probably warm by then (after about 5 mins drive). I was told the trans fluid was just changed. Truck has 45K on the clock.

Any idea whether this is serious or not and what could be the cause of this?
Have you driven other high torque vehicles with a really low, low-range? That's what you should be using as a comparison as we can't determine what you mean by a "lurch." It sounds normal to me based on my 80.
did you have your foot on the brake?
B, no not recently driven seriously a 4WD, but didn't notice this in all the other 80 and 100 I test drove in the last month. What I mean by lurch is that as I put it in Drive, the truck tended to move suddenly forward in a jerky manner, like in a car when the idle is too high (could have been the case here for all I know). Did not stay calmly in place waiting for the throttle to be applied.

C'man. Did not pay attention to foot brake but I guess I must have had it on as I would normally do in any car while putting the trans in gear. So I guess the answer must be yes.


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