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Apr 19, 2006
Hello all,

Well I'm having problems with my truck. I replaced all the HEI inigition with MSD coil, rotor, cap and module. I took the truck out and beat on it a little harder than I had in the past; climibing sand dunes, etc. As I was driving I heard that a terrible ticking sound and subsequent loss of power.

I couldn't figure it out so I stopped the truck lifted the hood and determined that the number 1 spark plug wire came disconnected. I reconnedcted the plug, but there is still a loss of power and a terrible miss from the right side of the motor. I limped the truck home, re-timed the motor and checked spark. There's spark, but it's real slight slighter than it was prior to it becoming disconnected.

There appears to be no mechanical failure becuase the motor sounds perfect, there just seems to be slight loss of power becasue of the miss on the right side of the motor 6,5,7,2 cylinders.

What do you think the problem could be coil (its new) rotor, or module or somthing else mechnical in the motor?

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