For Sale Truck Fridge Raleigh,NC

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Jan 11, 2009
United States
Truckfridge, model # CRO65NV379 for sale.
Used in my semi tractor from 2002- 2010. Makes ice cubes and keeps frozen diners frozen. Tested every year since and still runs and cools. I was going to use this in a camper and we have sold the camper, so it is time to sell.
I can rig the fridge to run here at the shop off of our pickup truck. 12 volt with fuseable link. Will shut down when low battery is detected.

PRICE IS $200.00 firm.
Local p/u only within 150 miles. I do travel so....
Text me at 919-621-2720 Duane





I'm actually looking for one of these to replace my fridge in my FWC but am on the wrong side of the country. Regardless, my questions would be valid for a potential buyer:

1) What is the wattage (picture is blurry, I think it says 42 W, can you confirm)?
2) What is the outside dimensions

This would be perfect for replacing a 3 way gas absorption ridge with the 2 way compressor style in a camper.
Yes it is 42Watt.

The unit itself measures 18"wide X 18 1/2" deep X 19"tall. The unit needs 2" to 5" in the rear for air so that number goes to 20" to 23" deep.
The edge/faceframe that screws fast to a frame measures 19 1/4"wide X 20" tall.

I also have a wooden box that I used to mount the fridge in that will go with the fridge if one wants. I have no photos at this time of the box, but it made it 3 million miles across the USA . It's not going nowhere when you mount it to the floor or wall. Made of 3/4" mdf with white laminate covering it.
Bump still for sale to a good home.

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