Troy’s Project. He started, I am finishing.

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Apr 9, 2003
Libertyville, Il.
I don’t post a lot but decided to post up some details on my friend’s project that I am now completing. This thread is just my way of saying thanks to my bud and being proud to have the truck he created.

Troy Myers started building the 95 fj80 a few years back. He was working on final engine details and cancer snuck in and took his life. Some of you may know him from the Badlands Offroad Park in Attica Indiana. He created the park and sold it a few years back.

He pulled to original engine and put in a crate motor as well as Chevy trans. The truck is lifted via OME parts.

The cruiser ran when I got it but had some stalling issues and needed to be buttoned up. He was almost done.


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So I thought he would want lockers. Did a ton of reading and decided to go electric. Factory seemed cool but Harrop was my choice for many reasons. Didn’t want air lines all over that seem to have issues more often than not.

With the help of buds, we installed the rear locker and factory dial switch to keep things looking original.

With help from Mud, I was able to solve the wiring and get things set. Works great and very clean install. Thanks to Georg at Valley Hibrids-Cruiser Brothers for all the advice and then shooting me all the parts needed for the project. I will be back for the front when I catch up on funds.
Then I decided to to the interior tire carrier from Phil. (Landcruiser products .com )Did the Puma compresssor set up as well per his advice. Not to mention removing the one battery hold down and going wit one of his upgraded versions. After reading about 80’s having issues and burning to the ground here and there, that was a no brainer.

Wanted to get the cruiser to look a little more old school and or original. Sourced some wheels from the Lexus version cause I always liked them. Off with the black and on to the new bling and some fresh bfg muds.





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The next on the list was a set of sliders.
Looked at tons of choices and options. Decided after talking to the folks at White Knuckle that I would get a set and see how they would fit. Absolutely perfect in my opinion. Had to have the exhaust reworked to get around the passenger side though. Expected that though. While at it, I added a shorter Magna Flow exhaust that tucked up nicely.




I have a Warn 12000 winch sitting in Cincinnati that was purchased from a guy here on mud. He was cool enough to drop it off at my friends home there for us to pick up when we can make our way there. That will go in in a few weeks.

Need some front bumper Offroad lights at some point. Then the front wil be done for now.

Got some seat covers for the front and super pleased vs the old leather.

Beno is sending me a new antenna setup so I can get that mess cleaned up. Always liked the adjustable antenna.

So after all this, I am super pumped to have Troy’s project darn near done. I think he would love what I did and be psyched to see if on the trails. Going to take it to Colorado this summer to break it in. He will surely be with me on that trip!

Rest knowing your cruiser is badass Troy and I am proud as hell of it.

The photos do NOT do this thing justice. It is absolutely gorgeous. Great job, Troy would be proud.
When looking for folks feedback on oil pressure gauge issues I found my old thread.
Little update but some progress on engine tune hopefully. Found a shop in Kenosha Wisconsin called Don’s. Basically gave up on the tuning of the truck fuel injection system cause everything tried, failed or made things worse. Had a local shop tell me the engine was bad and impossible to tune. So reset tune again, drove it 100 miles and it sucked. Shoved in garage and left it alone.

A bud told me he knew a shop that tuned and had a great reputation. After a call to the shop, a date was set to drop it off. I didn’t have high expectations due to all the failure thus far.

Picked it up Friday and the owner came out to chat with me. Beyond cool dude and crazy helpful nd knowledgeable. The truck runs great! Going to drive it more today but in awe of how great it runs and how much power it has.

If it runs as well as it did yesterday, I am going to get back at it and save for front e locker, lights, and anything else it may need to tackle trails out west.

The engine oil pressure in dash gauge still wont work right so hope to get help fixing that somehow.

Cheers and let me know if you need the contact info for the engine shop in Kenosha. Highly suggest even if you aren’t close. Worth the trip.

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