Trouble Starting the 13bt

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Jan 11, 2007
Chilliwack, Canada
I've been glad to see all the discussion around 13bt lately. I have a red block 13bt currently installed into my 76 fj40 and I'm having some starting issues.

-I'm trying to convert the system to 12vlt, I have a 12vlt alternator (from 83 3B) and a 12vlt starter (made up from an electrical shop, main components are from a dodge starter).

While trying to get it started, I primed the fuel system, then turned the key, the truck kicked over a bit, then stopped. So I checked to make sure fuel was reaching the injectors (checked two of them, they both were recieving fuel). Tried starting again and the motor just keeps turning slower and slower. So I pulled the starter, took it to the electrical shop, they tested it and said it was working fine. After that I upgraded the battery cables to 1/O size. Tried to start again and the truck ran for 30 seconds, then stopped. I tried to start again and same problem, it seems like it isn't turning fast enough.

I check the VSV and everything seems to be working as it should be, as per the manual.
I will check the fuel system again. I have a two larger deep cycle batteries setup. I've also tried a jump start from a tow truck, didn't make a difference.

I appreciate anyones advice, thanks.
Make sure the starter is grounded properly, take a wire wheel and polish up the area where the starter bolts onto th ebell housing, make sure the ground cable is connected and is free of corrosion, as well as where the cable contacts the frame. I had the same problem with a starter recently.

Most electrical problems revert back to poor grounds.
13bt starting problem

if u have a hand throttle pull it up a few clicks then try to start it.
if no hand throttle depress the gas pedal 3/4 ways down then try to start it.
if this dosen't make it run pull off the vaccume hose on the gold pot
on the intake side if it runs check vaccume hoses from vsv to vaccume source to gold pot on intake
I was still having problems with long start times. I went and purchaced two new batterys replaced all the battery cable clamps and it seems to start okay. Need to wait until its cold to try again. Had a starter/alternator friend look at my system and said one of the two batterys were shot. So lets see if this helps.

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