Trouble finding roof rack “pads” (“gaskets)?

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Dec 5, 2021
Oakland CA
I just removed th roof rack on our 2000 lx470. I plan to use 80/20 for better cross bars. The feet and side rail bars are scratched and I plan to paint them black before re-installing. Not surprisingly the pads that the feet rest on are disintegrating (1st photo).
I want to get new (or good used) pads if not too expensive to replace. If they turn out to be too expensive then I might consider going a different rout and replace the feet and side rails all together. I tried partsourq with the part numbers and nothing came up. I also tried to find the diagram for my VIN and can’t seem to find the diagram for the roof rack to check to see what part number might be.

I had I noticed when removing everything is that there are two holes in back, three in the middle and four up front. The lx470 only had 2 feet on each side so the existing rack only uses 2 of the holes in the front and 2 in the back. I think the Landcruiser uses those middle holes as well. It would seem to me that if i am redoing things using more holes/attachment points would spread the load and even potentially increase the rated load from 150lbs.
Note that I am trying to keep costs down so don’t want to go the route of a whole new $1000+ rack. I have seen the gamviti towers but those are about $40-45 a piece is about $160 for 4. However if the OEM pads are close to the same price then it might be worth chipping in a bit more for future flexibility.
Any thoughts from the group on what I am considering? TIA!

Heres a screenshot of the part numbers on the right side of the pic. If you go into the roof view parts diagram you need to use the arrow button and there are multiple roof component views. This is using the vin for my 06 in my signature.

Your part numbers may be different for a 2000. Vin?

Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 12.01.13 PM.png

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