Troopy jumpseats

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Dec 23, 2003
Payson, AZ
Anybody happen to have a couple pics of the straps that hold the seats in the stowed position?

I use original oem shoe lace! part number (very cheap). Had some original with clips if I remember right, they broke, tried leather straps they broke, shoelace work fine, up and down up and down.

These are the type of straps that were on the jump seats on the FJ73 I had. Not sure if OEM.


i have part numbers, and i have this photo, not having much luck finding it available to order. i think i'll end up making them

Troopy seat straps.jpg
You're probably better off making them. The same goes for the straps on the OEM jerry can holders - they fray and no OEM replacement is available. Best to replace locally IMO.
He sent me the pic i posted,

I already have the fittings built,, gonna sew the straps tonight when I come in.
Nice Job! Looks as good as factory.

If anyone needing the info in the future finds this thread, I found another photo:


These (in the above photo) are used ones from an Australian HJ75. The ones I put in my Troopy are these:


No idea if they're still available new, but there's the part number anyway.

Oh, and BTW, the original seats had a little "pocket" sewn into the side to hold the straps in place when not in use so they don't bang around as you drive. They look like this:

strap pockets.jpg

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