Trollhole carb and desmog on 85 FJ-60

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Sep 28, 2005
Western SD
As the title says I have a Trollhole carb and an 85 FJ 60.

I have been working on the desmog and installing the carb since it has been sitting on the shelf for six months.

I find that the stock carb has a port near the top on the drivers side that allows the charcoal canister circuit hook to it, the new carb does not have this. Where do I hook the vac line to get the vacuum to the canister?

I also seem to remember that I am supposed to switch the hoses at the canister. Is this correct?

Thanks for any help.:beer::beer::beer:

I have a well running desmogged rig using the stock carb. As far a the cannister goes I did not reverse or plug anything...maybe I'm missing something?

There is a line that connect to the carb toward the base about 3/8" in diameter. Mine is still connected and I'm guess this is the hose you don't have a place for any longer.

Do a search on the forums here for troll hole's carb and there could be some extra details on the items other people have had to play with. Personally I kept my A/C idle up and I also kept my high altitude compensation. The troll hole did not seem like the best carb to switch to for me.

Good luck with the project.

That thread seems to say that the line to the vacuum canister can be plugged and that everything is fine.

From linked thread:

"The one large vacuum line on the top of the stock carb is not used with the new carb. I think it is for the charcoal canister, and if I remember correctly, can be plugged."

This seems a to contradict what I have heard (read) in the past.

Thanks John

If any one could clarify that the above info is correct or not I would really appreciate it..

Thanks John
I have the same question ( and more ). I'll be putting the Trollhole carb on tomorrow.

Is there a agreed upon/best practice for:

1. The Line from the Charcoal Canister to carb as mentioned above.

2. Hi Alt Comp/ 2nd Distrib port- I assume it is just gone since there is only 1 vac line for advance

3. PCV- Where does it go if the EGR stuff is removed/capped off.

4. Fuel Cut Vacuum switch-Again, since the vac port is not on the carb, how would it work. Do you just lose the switch and ground the solenoid?

Dont mean to hijack but I was about to start the same thread. Trollhole just got a shipment so I bet there will be some activity on the subject.

Thanks in Advance

Seems to be a lot of interest in the Trollhole Desmog, maybe we should make this a definitive thread to explain this variation completely.

Hook up what you can to the Carb and run it. Nothing wrong with a little self diagnosing.

Trollhole himself may chime in with your answer, because I am un-familiar with his carb.

Ouch, I never agreed to being TrollHoled. Sounds painful:)

Perhaps some 20w-50 will help with the chafing. And ask Trollhole to play some soothing banjo music to set the mood.


Glenn in Tucson
Well I went ahead and did the desmog and TrollHole Carb install.

I left the EGR stuff in place so the PCV still has a place to go. Will prob remove it later.

I Capped the line from the Canister to the Carb since I dont know where to run it.
The other Canister line goes to the VCV for EVAP which is still hooked up minus the line to the BVSV.

The Fuel Cut vacuum switch is gone and the connection is now just 1 wire to the fuel cut solenoid. I guess this means that the computer no longer gets the signal via the switch and the solenoid is always energized. (Same as green wire mod?)

High Alt is gone since the carb port is gone.

I was pleasantly surprised when it cranked right up and settled into a 700rpm idle. Only needed a slight adj to the AC Idle-up.

Running good so far.

Still hoping someone can offer the best practice for this carb.


started putting mine back together this morning. Not fun going from a weber to a trollhole. Should have it up and running though by the end of the week.
Charcoal Line

Still researching this:

Found an article on Webers and Charcoal Canister.

From lehiguy-Seems to know his stuff-
"The line from the stock carb to the canister will need to be plugged. The canister should be retained as it will still function as a vent/fume capturing device for the fuel tank which is much more important."

My Desmog and Trollhole is running good. Only issue is a bit of exhaust(?) fume smell.
Not sure it's exhaust.

I've seen some posts about running rich and smells. I did not adjust the carb since it ran good right away.

There's also that hose where the aripump goes to the exhaust. I believe this is capped OK and not leaking.

If anyone has ideas on the smell, please let me know.


Exhaust leak? The head plugs all tight? Any hoses leaking? Exhaust doesn't come out through my carb.

Do you have the line from the carb to the charcoal canister plugged?

Do you have any fuel leaks?
Exhaust leak? The head plugs all tight? Any hoses leaking? Exhaust doesn't come out through my carb.

Do you have the line from the carb to the charcoal canister plugged?

Do you have any fuel leaks?

No Exhaust or Fuel leaks that I can find. Canister is plugged

But the plugs(air rail) could be something to check. I recall that they all didnt go in the same depth. Do you know if you can just crank these down? They wont fall through will they?

Thanks for the info.

Evap Canister Swap

If you've still got odd smell, it could be the evap canister since it's not properly hooked up. I had that issue with the al-Queda carb swap (TH's carbs come from Saudi) so I did this swap I pulled the whole canister out, repalced it with a fuel filter that taps into the line from the tank and goes to the vent in the frame that came out the bottom of the OEM canister, several hundred miles on it working great, no pressure issues with the gas tank either:

Thanks for that detail - where does the line at the top of the fuel filter go? I can see where the lower part is the canister base connection.

My lines are all out - the PO had them all wrapped up together, on the fender, since the engine was shot. I need to figure out which fuel line is the supply to the fuel pump, and what the others are doing or not doing when I stick a V8 in there.

Thank you

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