Triple Locked 1994 80 Series - $7,000 - Located in NW Georgia

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Vehicle Model
  1. 80 Series
United States
Bought it to build as an off-road / overlanding rig but I already have too many projects (a Jeep, a GX470, and a Miata). It has 333K miles. I understand it has been in the south its whole life (no rust on frame). I am no expert but from the little I know, here is the good and the bad.

The good:
Triple locked
Clean Title (title in hand)
98% Rust Free
Runs and drives good
Power windows, Power locks, Cruise control, Sun Roof, A/C - ALL WORK!
New All-Terrain tires (95% tread life)
Front ARB Bumper
Has a third row of seats (but not installed)
Great interior and dash 8.5/10
Front seats are 6.5/10
Rear seats are 8/10

The bad:
Clearcoat is peeling almost through the whole truck
Tailgate is cracked so that means that the upper hatch is not locking into place properly. It locks, so nobody can open it, but it seems like its almost open (see pictures). I bought a replacement but its a different color).
Needs a good cleaning (I plan on doing this soon as soon as I find the time)
High mileage
One of the headlights has a hole and therefore it has water inside
It's not leaking but if you look at it from the bottom it seems like it did at some point since it's all covered in oil/grease.
The previous owner included a brand new radiator when I bought it and said the original was leaking but I haven't found the leak and I've driven it 30+ minutes around town and no issues)
It rained pretty hard the other day and I found some water on the drivers side floor mat (its a liner so it was a mini puddle). Not sure where it came from.

Currently located in Calhoun, Georgia. Feel free to come to check it out at any time (currently working from home). I can text and/or email a bunch of pictures or videos so feel free to request)

The price is $7,000. That's it. That's what I want. Any less and I would rather keep it and build it myself with time. Ideally, text me since I don't come in here that often 787-349-1169.






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