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Aug 2, 2005
Alamogordo, NM
Just thought I'd let you guys know how the Round Up went. We left at 5:30 on Monday morning and made it until just outside of Nashville before we had a flat. The tire that I had plugged before our December meeting blew. Shows why you shouldn't plug sidewalls regardless of how close they are to the tread. I had it changed before it deflated and we managed to pull off quickly to a rest area. I re-plugged it when we got settled for the night in Nashville but I think I overinflated it... no matter we made it to Dallas the next night and on Wednesday morning we hit 4wheelparts and had them replace the tire and rotate them. Then we struck out across Texas to Katemcy. We checked into our B+B in Mason which happened to be a really nice little down with a few good restraunts and a winery. We went up to the Kruse's park and registered Wednesday night and then tried to get a good nights sleep after our 1650 mile trip. Wednesday morning we ran the Aggie highway with Randy Kruse at the helm and about 20 vehicles of assorted 40s, 45s, 60s, Minitrucks from stock to buggies. Katemcy is a beautiful park and it very clean and well maintained by the Kruse family. My truck was feeling pretty tippy after the spring over but the extra clearance was much appreciated. On the second day I was running the Waterfall trail and feeling really confident of my truck's abilities. It helped a lot to be following Henry and David in their built up wagons. Friday night was the raffle and BBQ. Saturday morning a lot of the more modestly built cruisers went home so Becky and I took off with Chris and Marty Jones in their stock 80. I figured I'd gone the whole two previous days with no damage I'd best not push things. We went and saw the haybales which are these big ballanced rocks and I climbed "the crack" with good confidence. It helped that Todd Kaderabek had spotted me up on the first day.
We met some really nice people and did some great wheeling. Too bad next year I'll be on Korea. Here are my pictures:
I'll be waiting for others to post their images once they get home over the next few days.

Keep your fingers crossed for me on the trip back up to DC. See you guys in April.

Damn, I'm jealous. It looks like the weather was perfect. I like the shots of Becky waiting patiently in the passenger seat.

Have a safe trip back!
Nice pics indeed. The trails that you ran, we're they rated? Curious if they consider those trails in your pics, blues, reds . . . . Thanks.
Very cool! I agree, Definately a change of terrain from up here. Pics look great too. Have you kept track of your fuel consumption? Seb and I discussed betting on who could guess closest to the # of gallons you go through :)
Drive safe on way home. glad you had a good time. Wish we could be there. We are planning BIG trip to Rauch creek. should be fun.
We enjoyed getting to run with you on Saturday. Be safe going home!!

Chris and Marde Jones
Chris and Marde -- It was great to meet you and wheel with you. You guys made us feel right at home the entire time we were there. You put on a great event with great hospitality.

Todd, great to meet you. Thanks for the compliment on the truck...I have most of the guys on this forum to thank for it.

Take care everyone and I'll see you in a few weeks.

BTW the best mileage I got was 11.6mpg on flat terrain on a cool morning going 65mph with a tail wind.

Felix, waiting patiently? Don't we both know Becky better than that. He patience meter was pegged on the first day. She read about 1000 pages over those three days.

Felix said:
Damn, I'm jealous. It looks like the weather was perfect. I like the shots of Becky waiting patiently in the passenger seat.

Have a safe trip back!
Sweet pictures. It's awesome that you were able to make it down there.
If I would have paid attention to some of the lisence tags, I would have introduced myself. I treked from Hampton Roads out there, and was on the Friday waterfall run with you guys. My rig is registered in Ms. though, just one of the military perks. My rig is the dark green 40 in pic 67 in your linked album.
Yeah I hear ya, I wouldn't be able to have my truck if it had to meet Virginia emissions and safety standards. It's just plain unsafe. Did you drive your trail rig out there?
Ross, yeah I know Becky better than that. :D

Hey, at least you can get your wife out on the trail.
Well she is the motionsickness anti-christ. She read the entire time. I think she gave herself whiplash...she's going to get a massage tomorrow. I'm jealous that I didn't get to go up to Rausch Creek with you guys. I want to conquer Rausch Creek to get even for the damage I've sustained there. See you guys in a few weeks. I'm going to have to get a lot of wheeling in before I leave for Korea.
Ross, Andrew is now in line behind you waiting to get even with Rausch Creek for the damage it inflicted on his door and rocker panels.

We too, missed watching your monster truck conquer obstacles with aplomb!

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